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Free Health Check-up Camp

  Publish Date 24/09/2019

Health Camp

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Hansraj Day held at Hansraj College on 17th April 2016

  Publish Date 13/07/2016

स्वामी सुमेधानंदजी को एक आर्यभक्त की श्रद्धांजलि

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Yagya Mahotsav : Photos

  Publish Date 29/06/2015

Anand Parv : Rajgarh

  Publish Date 29/06/2015
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Arya Yuva Samaj


Arya Samajists felt a great desire to organize youth, especially the students of DAV College, Lahore. Mahatma Hansraj , Principal of the college was very keen to sensitize the youth for Vedic Culture. So ,he established an organization of youth in 1896 named Arya Yuvak Samaj in the hostel of DAV College, Lahore. The aim of Arya Yuvak Samaj was to make the youth an active and ideal citizen of India and also to make them true devotee of God and Vedic religion. Besides this the Yuvak Samaj took the programme of Adult education in the colonies inhabited by the Dalits and to distribute and publish literature, to organize tournaments and to perform Hawan, Sandhya, Satsang in the hostels and to provide volunteers for the relief work conducted by Arya Samaj and DAV College Lahore. Mahatma Hansraj and Lala Sain Dass were  the first president and secretary of the Samaj respectively. After the partition of the country, work of Arya Yuvak Samaj was hindered due to rehabilitation of DAV institutions in free India. In 2000, the Arya Yuvak Samaj was reconstituted under the Chairmanship of Sh. Punam Suri. A Sub-committee of 5 members was constituted under the chairmanship of Sh. Punam Suri including Dr .D.Vidyarthi, Sh. Yashvir Arya, Dr. V.Kulwant as members.Sh. Punam Suri organized  meetings, Yuva Sammelans throughout the country and made it popular among the youth. There were some Aryan Women working in the field of Arya Samaj, who pointed out that word “Yuvak” does not represent  the “Yuvatis”, so the matter was discussed in the meeting of national body of Arya Yuvak Samaj and decided to  rename it as “Arya Yuva Samaj” Arya Yuva Samaj is playing a vital role to propagate the vedic philosphosy and teachings of Swami Dayanad Sarswati among the students of DAV Schools and Colleges throughout the country. It is working like Youth Wing of DAV and Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha, New Delhi. Branches of Arya Yuva Samaj have been formed in almost all parts of India under the Chairmanship of Sh. Punam Suri, National President of Arya Yuva Samaj. Now  a days, Arya Yuva Samaj is Organizing  Charitra Nirman Shivir,  Arya Maha Sammelan and Relief work wherever required in collaboration with APP Sabha all over the country. Presidents of State Units of Arya Yuva Samaj are:-


Dr.D.Vidyarthi                   Haryana

Sh.Yashveer                     Uttrakhand

Sh. Mohan Lal                  Punjab