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Mahatma Anand Swami Janamotsava


Mahatma Anand Swami, earlier named as Khushal Chand born on Oct.9, 1883 at Jalalpur Jattan, Pakistan, and left for his heavenly abode on October 24, 1977, needs no introduction as he raised himself to the fame at International level because of his umparallel contribution for the nobel cause of Society. He was a strong pillar of Arya Samaj and DAV movement in the country. Khursand was his pen name. he adopted Khursand as his poetic (pen) name, he later changed it to Anand and after the demise of Mahatma Hansraj Arya Samajists forced him to change his first name from “Mahashay” to “Mahatma” and after adopting Sanyas he was well known as Mahatma Anand Swami Saraswati . He was an Arya Samaji face of DAV throughout the country. He was the leader, facilitator, editor, architect of DAV movement for whole time. He served the community on behalf of DAV and Arya Samaj at the time of Moplah riots(1921) and Kohat riots(1921). He organized relief camps at Quetta and Bihar (1934-35). He was the third dictator of Hyderabad Satyagrah (1937). He worked as President APP Sabha for more than 25 years and as secretary for more than 20years.He  collected lakhs of rupees for Arya Samaj and DAV institutions. He founded Daily Milap in 1923 and Hindi Milap in 1928 and authored more than 30 books on different aspects of religion and life. He was among the choosen few in the world who took the Sanyas Ashram  when he was at the zenith of prosperity. He devoted his whole life to “Ved Prachar” Arya Yuva Samaj decided to commemorate his birth anniversary at large scale every year in 2003. Mass marriages for poor girls, distributed blankets and wheat etc to the poor and needy & assistance to poor and needy students, have been organized  by Arya Yuva Samaj Haryana  since 2003 till date.

1.Mass Marriages:-  Arya Yuva Samaj soleminsed the marriages of more than 750 poor and needy girls in the grand ceremony at Kurukeshtra, Jind and Panipat to be witnessed by thousands of people on the eve of birth anniversary by Mahatma Anand Swami. All the functions were graced by the then State Chief Ministers, Central Ministers and other VVIPs

2.Distribution of Blanket and Wheat:- Arya Yuva Samaj has provided blankets, wheat and other amenities to the poor through grand functions organized at different places like Panipat, Sonipat,  Hissar,  Bathinda,  Jallandhar etc.

3.Mahatma Anand Swami  celebration months:- Arya Yuva Samaj Haryana has celebrated one month of October 2014 in the pious memory of Mahatma Anand Swami to propagate the Vedic Philosophy among the pupils. There were more than 2 dozen programme organized at different places,  in which thousands of teachers and students participated. A cartoon film was telecast and a comic book based on his life was published and distributed in thousands of people  throughout the country. Arya Yuva Samaj introduced a Mahatma Anand Swami clock for schools and colleges and distributed  free of cost to them for making them learn the value of time  and need of vedic philosophy in modern age.