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Free Health Check-up Camp

  Publish Date 24/09/2019

Health Camp

  Publish Date 21/08/2019

Hansraj Day held at Hansraj College on 17th April 2016

  Publish Date 13/07/2016

स्वामी सुमेधानंदजी को एक आर्यभक्त की श्रद्धांजलि

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Yagya Mahotsav : Photos

  Publish Date 29/06/2015

Anand Parv : Rajgarh

  Publish Date 29/06/2015
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Arya Anathalaya Ferozpur Cantt

This orphanage was established by Swami Dayanand Saraswati on 26th Oct. 1877. This was the first orphanage of its type in India. As Swami Saraswati preferred to serve humanity in place of idol worship. Thousands of youth have been benefited through this anathalaya and are living a prosperous life. This orphanage has been established on about 15 acres of land out of which 11 acres of land has been used for agriculture purpose which fulfills the basic requirement of Wheat etc. to the orphanage. There is cowshed where 30 cows are there. The orphanage has its own beautiful building and other facilities necessary for a comfortable life. At present Sh. Punam Suri is the President of Anathalaya and Mrs. Satnam Kaur is working as Manager of the orphanage.